Blind Bag
Blind Bag
Blind Bag
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Blind Bag

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Who doesn't love a little mystery?

A limited amount of Blind Bags are now available, and contain the following items:

1 B-Grade* PVC Figurine (Plague Birb or Plague Nurse)
1 A-Grade OR B-Grade* Enamel Pin (could be any pin from my current collection)

Photos show demonstrated combinations, but many other figurine/pin combos can be possible.

Items are randomly placed in the black foil blind bags, which are then heat sealed to prevent peeking. Blind Bags are considered to be "all ages", meaning they have no items that contain swear words, but will contain objects that indicate and/or mention death.

Can only be shipped in the U.S. due to the random nature of the items in the bags.


* B-Grade items are products that are not 100% up to retail quality. They may have small defects or printing errors, but are by no means completely unsellable. PVC figurines placed in these bags were because their numbered boxes were damaged, they had slight painting/printing/pouring defects, and/or they had small piece repairs. They are still good figurines, but are no longer considered "collectable quality".