Birb's Beak Blend Candle
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Birb's Beak Blend Candle

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Birb's "Beak Blend" candle features a vanilla base with gentle notes of rose, clove, rosemary, and black pepper. I chose this scent combination because of the flowers and herbs Plague Doctors were said to stuff inside of their beaks while treating their patients. Prior to the late 1800's it was thought that smelling good things would help fight off Miasma or "bad air" from rotting organic matter, which was thought to be the cause of many diseases/outbreaks.

This Candle was made for my Plague Birb Plush Kickstarter by Bunnies and Cream  ( and is made of 100% pure soy wax. It is all natural, bio-degradable, and contains no petroleum, paraffin, or beeswax products!

  • Approx. 3oz.
  • Suggested burn time - 45 minutes per use.
  • Approximately 10-20 hours of total burn time (based on this sized candle).