Edgehog Plush Doll (B-Grade)
Edgehog Plush Doll (B-Grade)
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Edgehog Plush Doll (B-Grade)

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*** THIS PLUSH IS A B-GRADE PLUSH! B-Grade means that the item has printing/sewing defects and can not be sold at full price on the shelf. By purchasing this B-Grade item you understand that the product will differ slightly from the listing photos, and that the cosmetic defects, while minor, will be there. You will not be able to have a choice which type of defect you will receive, but most times the cosmetic defects for Edgehogs will have crooked noses, slightly off-center eyes, or slightly mishapen faces. Buy at your own risk!***

This bad boy's got too much edge for the hedge! Edgehog does what he wants, when he wants, and you can't stop him! Be it lurking around the local art district or locked in his room with the music on full blast -- he takes orders from nobody! Edgehog may be a bit edgy, but once you get past his spiky exterior, there is a sweet heart just waiting to be loved.

Edgehog is made from super soft minky fabric, custom made faux teal and purple spiky fur, and features a faux leather spiked collar. He is about 8" long, and is stuffed with poly stuffing.

*Please note that Edgehog will need to be "fluffed up" by hand in order to achieve his spiky fur look! He may also be gently brushed to style his fur as you see fit.

International customers will be responsible for their own Customs Taxes/Fees, should any arise in the shipping/handling process. Contains leather/plastic pieces, ages 3+.