Lucero the Silk Moth Plush
Lucero the Silk Moth Plush
Creepy Kawaii

Lucero the Silk Moth Plush

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Lucero, which means "Light" in Spanish, is a very shy and anxious Silk Moth. She would much rather spend her evenings at home wrapped up in her wings, knitting/crocheting quietly by the soft glow of her fireplace than be out in any loud place or crowd.

Lucero doesn't have many friends due to her anxiety, but the ones she does have are some of the best ones around. She knows they love her for who she is, and is happy they understand that she may not always be available to be sociable. And she loves her friends for being so kind and thoughtful, especially when she needs them the most.
  • Lucero is made from super soft minky fabric, is approximately 10" tall (12" with her antennae), and is plumpy stuffed with poly stuffing.
  • Her cheeks, antennae, and chest/back feature a super soft faux fur.
  • Her fur antennae has a rigid material inside of the fur which should allow the antennae to stand upright on its own after some fluffing/adjusting. Antennae may flop to the front/back though since the plush are still made mostly by human hands.
  • Her wings are made from custom printed polyester fabric using a dye sublimation technique. They will not be detachable and may vary slightly in shape and color from the photos due to the sublimation process.

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Hand wash Creepy Kawaii plushies with warm water and a mild soap. Ages 3+.