International Shipping

International Fans:

Update 11/9/2021: I have decided to open International Shipping back up to the EU/UK after numerous requests have been made, and international shipments seem to be moving a bit faster now in the mail. I will be shipping the bulk of my items worldwide now with the exception being Mystery Boxes (US Only) and Plush (see reasoning below).

Plush Shipping to the EU/UK
The "EU Toy Safety Directive" updated its terms and conditions for what qualifies as a "safe toy for persons under 14" on July 16th 2021, and unfortunately Creepy Kawaii, being a small art business that only does small runs of plush production, no longer qualifies under what the EU deems as "safe". My plush have always had CE labels so they could ship worldwide, but unfortunately I do not have the big corporate dollars to spend thousands on rigorous safety testing, nor can I pay to get new tags made or blueprint up elaborate plans for my plush designs to go along with with said safety testing. I also can not pay an "economic operator" in the EU to sell my plush on my behalf. Sure I could always label my plush as for 14+, but again, they are not labeled that way, and really they are mostly for all ages. For detailed information on this new update please click here.

As always, if you are an International customer, please understand that you will be responsible for your own Customs Taxes/Fees, should any arise in the shipping/handling process.