Creepy cute plush dolls, art, and more!

Creepy Kawaii was created in 2012, and over the years thousands of Creepy Kawaii plush dolls have been sold to lovers of the strange and unusual all around the globe, as well as art, stickers, buttons, pins, and more!


Between 2012-2019 I traveled all around the US selling my plush dolls at anime and pop culture conventions, but now I sell them exclusively online, at smaller local art shows, and through my U.S. wholesalers!




You can find select Creepy Kawaii products for sale at the following traveling retailer stores!


---Traveling Wholesalers---

Closet Geek LLC (Plush)

Ohio Kimono (Plush and Mini Keychains)

Geeky Endeavors (Metal Enamel Pins)


If you are a traveling retailer or have a storefront you would like to sell Creepy Kawaii brand products at, please email me at info [!at] creepykawaii.com for more information.