Creepy Kawaii corner booth at Oddities and Curiosities Expo

Original collectable plush dolls that are so creepy cute that even the darkest of hearts will fall in love at first sight!

The Creepy Kawaii collection also includes clothing, vinyl stickers, enamel pins, and so much more!! Celebrating 10+ years!


Creepy Kawaii was created in 2012, and over the years thousands of Creepy Kawaii plush dolls have been sold to lovers of the strange and unusual all around the globe, as well as dark illustrations, stickers, buttons, enamel pins, tarot, coloring books, and more!


Between 2012-2019 I traveled all around the US selling my plush dolls at anime and pop culture conventions, but now I sell them online, at specialty art shows and expos, and through my U.S. wholesalers!


Artist - Stefanie Black - They/them, person with teal hair and gothic aesthetic

About the Artist - Stefanie Black (They/Them) is a Queer Artist, and has been making art since their teenage years. In addition to Creepy Kawaii and various other projects they have done with other creators, Stefanie is also working on a retro-style horror RPG video game called Casting Shadows.




You can find select Creepy Kawaii products for sale at the following storefront and traveling retailer stores!



Deadtime Stories (Lansing, MI)


---Traveling Wholesalers---

Closet Geek LLC (Edgehog Plush)


If you are a traveling retailer or have a storefront you would like to sell Creepy Kawaii brand products at, please email me at info [!at] creepykawaii.com for more information.